Friday, October 23, 2009

October 4th...

Good Afternoon. The crew spent two full days tuning up and loading the 7x8s and we left for the storage grounds shortly thereafter, but not before some football! With our fishery starting in October it seems like we miss the entire football season and we like to catch a game whenever time permits. Most of the crew is from Seattle, or transplanted there, and are, of course, Seahawk fans. I am from Northern California and proud to be a Niner's fan! We caught part of the late game but with good weather forecast I made the call to head out and store the gear.

The trip out went well, no wind whatsoever. We began setting the pots at daybreak. The gear went off like clockwork in three, 50 pot strings, set at about 12 to a mile. At that spread a pot hits the water about every minute. It took three and a half hours to splash the whole load. Gear can't be set any closer or it becomes difficult to turn the boat on them as you chug from bouy to bouy. The doors are open with no bait as is required for stored pots.

Pointing the boat for "Dutch" we are off like the wind and to our delight a building northeast 40 began pushing us home! We reached town 07:00 the next day and began preparing a second load of 7'x7' pots, with another 150 to rig. The weather forecast is horrid for the next few days...Capt Monte

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