Friday, October 23, 2009

Latest & greatest.....

Hello! The latest and greatest news is that the quotas have been announced. As usual the numbers are not what we had hoped for. For Red King Crab the total harvest is about 16 million pounds, down from 20 million pounds last year. With less product going to market we hope to see a price increase, coupled with a lower fuel cost, our earnings should be alright.

The Opilio quota also being released today is grim at best, harvest total is 43 million pounds, down from about 65 million last year.

Bairdi is a close relative of the Opilio crab and though substantially larger is not very well known. This is the crab you will find in my freezer. The poundage to be taken this year is just over one million pounds, less than half the amount landed last year.

With the price negotiations looming, it will interesting to see what the canneries and buyers will offering as a starting price for Red Crab. I'll keep you posted. Capt Monte "the Wizard Mouse"

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