Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 10th...

The weatherman was right, southeast 60 and pouring rain. Yuck! The fleet is in town so we head to the bar for the same old debauchery, and while looking down low I found a 100 dollar bill! In Dutch Harbor some things never change. It is good to see everyone again.

The evening became somber as a good friend and fellow captain revealed that during this past summer he lost a crewman while salmon fishing in Alaska. He did not elaborate on the subject, and I did not ask. This is not something that is easily dealt with and I am sure he will suffer the loss for years to come. I think he chose to share with me as this is a horrible, tragic experience we now have in common. Having taken not just any man, but a dear friend to sea and failing to bring him home. There is no cure for this type of pain. It has been over a decade for me and I carry the weight to this day.

My friend, I wish you well on your journey down the darkest of trails.

That's all for now. "Wizard Mouse"

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