Thursday, October 8, 2009

1st Blog

Hello Capt. Monte here, I'm excited to be sharing my adventures with everyone. Bear with me as some of my days out here aren't real interesting, though any day on the "High Seas" is a good day. We set sail today(9/23) from Seattle WA and were eager to get underway. The voyage will span over 1700 nautical miles (n.m.) and we'll be traveling hundreds of miles offshore while crossing the No. Pacific. Steaming out the Straits of Juan de Fuca, we enjoyed a nice push from the ebbing tide and are speeding along at a blistering 12 knots! (about 15 mph.) As the glow from the city lights slowly fades astern of us brilliant stars fill the sky above! A sight I haven't seen in over a month during our preparations in the shipyard. Bound for Alaska I'm looking forward to the stellar night sky Alaska is known for. We'll be in the open ocean tomorrow and hoping for smooth sailing.....



  1. Hi Son.. Hope your catching a lot of crab. My house is looking magnificent. Its a lot of work. Progress is slow but getting there. People in town are excited.

    Pops Colburn

  2. Hey douchebag I heard you got a dick stuck in your throat I hope it isn't Keiths