Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hello, October 2nd. Our journey through Unalaga pass was uneventful. Rounding priest rock at about daybreak we reached Dutch Harbor with a full day of work ahead of us. We entered Captain's Bay and made for the Crowley dock. Norm, a good friend, allowed us to lay there and begin unloading the camera equipment for Original Productions because the dock at our cannery was short of space til after lunch. By early afternoon we fired up and were off to Westward Seafoods, leaving a huge pile of equipment on the dock to be dealt with by the local kids hired to haul it to the headquarters of the production team at the Grand Aluetian Hotel.

Westward is our primary seafood processor. We deliver the bulk of our crab there, but not all of it. We are one in a small group of crab boats that calls Westward home and over the years have become friends with the staff, which numbers well over a thousand when the plant is operating at full swing. Landing dockside the crew begins to load the 7'x8's which will take two long days, with some well deserved fun scheduled for late tonight. Capt. Monte.


  1. Hi Monte!
    I didn't even know you had a blog. Glad to see you all made it safe and sound. I hope you will update us during the season. Be safe! Fair and following.

  2. Hey Monte,

    Hope you all have a safe and bountiful season. Stay safe out there. Looking forward to reading more about your insight into the season. Fair seas and following winds.


  3. Hey Monte!!! Great reading of your journey this season! Stay safe as alwyas....have a bountiful season and may your tanks be full in no time so you can get back home to Family!!! we will keep you all in our Prayers!!

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  5. Hi Monte!

    I'm looking forward to seeing your adventures on the Wizard through your eyes. Please be safe, Fair weather and following seas and full pots of HUGE CRAB to ya! ((HUGS))

  6. Hi Monte,
    It's great to hear your view of things! Miss you and hope you have a very safe and very plentiful season. Best of wishes!

  7. Safe journey and full pots!!!!!!

  8. Hi Monte!

    Wow how cool that you have a blog! Hope you are having a safe RKC season and are on the crab!

  9. Monte, I've enjoyed reading your posts! We were all so surprised to find your blog, but very glad we did! I hope we continue to hear from you while you're up north. Y'all have a good season and stay safe!