Thursday, October 8, 2009

at sea

Hello again. We reached the open ocean this morning (9/25) at dawn. Our

night of traveling allowed for some time to reflect on our last couple

of days in Seattle. We were busy with large tasks that are usually

completed several weeks in advance but were still in the works two days

prior to departure. Things like the Costco trip, getting our rebuilt

crane back aboard and of course loading all the equipment for filming.

Good tales soon to be told. Our tasks seemed endless at times and coming

down the stretch, I was shocked we were able to sail when we did. This

season's crew is a blend of old and new, with an old friend returning

from a brief retirement. He claims he had no choice with the economy as

it is, but in reality I think he just missed us! or the  fishing itself.

Crab fishing is not something one walks away from easily after 25 years,

although he is a bit of a grump, he is a good friend and a pleasure to

be around. 

Clear of the Straits and heading due N.W. the weather is marginal at

best. N.W. winds of 35 to 40 knots producing a sharp and steady 18 foot

sea. Having just begun our trip I am disappointed to have the wind and

waves right on our "beak". Though the boat rides up and over this

caliber of weather with ease, it does tend to slow us down. On a journey

of this length every little bit counts and having made this trip

numerous times, I know this is not an ideal start. Generally speaking it

takes about eight days to get from Seattle to Dutch Harbor. The longest

crossing I've ever experienced was 15 days back in 1999, a serious ass

kicking I'd just as soon forget! The forcast is calling for more of the

same weather tomorrow and we can only hope it improves the day after

that. The crew is well and only the new "horn" is mildly seasick, he

seems like a trooper and I'm sure he'll get over it soon. Hoping for

smoother sailing,  Captain Monte- the Wizard Mouse.     

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