Sunday, March 28, 2010

Catching up with friends.....

One of the great things about being back at home is the chance to spend time with friends and do some catching up, which is how I spent this past weekend. My wife and I went into Reno and met up with four other couples at "Joe Bob's Chicken Palace" to eat some good fried chicken, have a couple of drinks and listen to "Baker Street" do some easy listening tunes. While that was a good time in itself, we couldn't let it end there so we headed on over to "The Black Tangerine" for a couple more drinks and some really good old rock and roll. I had never been into The Black Tangerine before, and I have to say, it is a pretty happening little place there on the South side of town.

Capt Monte "Wizard Mouse"


  1. It's weird because normally, I don't like perfume. But after a long trip, smelling even a girly shampoo is shockingly intoxicating. And cleaners like fabreeze. Anything but bleach, rotten fish, diesel exhaust, hydraulic oil, and bacon.

    And then dancing till it feels like I'm back on the boat laughing and sometimes crying with friends is second heaven. :-)

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