Sunday, March 14, 2010

"The old man and the locks"

Having reached the Seattle waterfront before dawn, we tied up to whats known as the 'A' dock. This is where I would meet my dad, Gary and his life long friend Raymond Estey. They drove to Seattle from California (16 hours) hoping to meet the boat, they arrived in time to jump on board and ride through the Ballard locks. We left "A" dock and arrived in Ballard about 8 AM.

Once the Wizard was secured, Dad and Raymond were able to tour the boat and meet the crew. The guys got a kick out of meeting my old man, but as usual, they soon began to disperse, heading home to their families.

I was able to show my "guests" a little of Seattle before they headed for home. I had planned on flying out that same day, but my plans were changed due to an unexpected, but very exciting invitation.

More later. "Wizard Mouse"


  1. Sounds like a real treat! I'd love to tour the Wizard one day. Thanks for keeping us updated!

  2. I bet that made your day coming home and seein your Dad and Fam there! I someday hope to see the Wizard come home or leave port....just to lay me hands on her would be a dream come true...feel her cold, hard chasey of steel...yup, gonna shed a tear when that happens. To meet you and the crew would be just as awesome. Now, are you gonna just leave us hangin on your last statement of changed plans coz of unexpected, but very exciting invitation?? Anyways, glad you made it home safe....enjoy your time with Fam and Friends!

  3. the way...are you able to fix the comment area so that our comments do not overlay your post? Hard to see what peeps are postin....thanxs!