Sunday, April 11, 2010

Since this was my last weekend at home for awhile I wanted to make the most of it, we loaded the dirt bikes up early and headed down the hill. One of our favorite riding spots is north of Reno about 30 miles near Pyramid lake, known as Moon Rocks. With dry camping, an endless trail system and mountains to scale the area has great riding for any caliber offroader. We always seem to find a new trail and sometimes it can get a little crazy, as was the case on Saturday. Thom, my riding buddy and Dustin his 15 year old son and myself set out to for a little hill climbing, our choice would have to be considered one of the most difficult in the area, and after a hour or so of serious climbing, we reached the top. Taking a well deserved breather, we decided to descend into a narrow passage that maybe only a handful of bikes had traveled. this "trail" soon turned into a narrow, boulder strewn canyon. And at this point it became obvious that there was no turning around! After a handful of vertical drops of six feet or more we approached the base and all that was left? a 50 yard blitz down a 60 degree chute with three huge boulders greeting us at the bottom.. We all safely navigated this plunge and nervous laughter filled the air, an hour later we were back at the camp reliving our conquest. A good end to a great day in the Nevada high desert

Capt. Monte "Wizard Mouse"


  1. fish hard, play hard looks like fun

  2. Wow! Sounds like an incredible way to spend an afternoon. Have to do it again sometime!!

  3. Hey hey hey Capt Monte...I am still seein overlappin comments on your blog....therefor we can't see the first two comments posted by the masses....does anyone else see this glitch, or is it jus me?? And NO! I have not been hittin the bottle lately...LOL! Anyways, as I said in my previous email, Capt Monte, sooooo glad ya all survived the adreneline rush canyon trail. Vertical drops of 6'...oh my, bet that hurt ....sounds like a great time with great friends....always a highlight in one's day!

  4. Just the thought of dropping 6 feet on a dirt bike hurts me :) Glad ya had a good time and everyone landed safely.

    PS I had to log on as anonymous because it was asking for an email and password and I cannot remember which one I used...oops :)

  5. dammit i missed you again
    so get this, anthony is a serious dirt biker

    i still feel bad about your cr250
    but you told me to go faster :)

    fly safe,

  6. Sounds like a good and thrilling time was had by all. Just watch those drops, sometimes they're deceptive!! Take care. Hi to Catherine. C U in Seattle soon!

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