Friday, February 5, 2010

Into the teeth...

The season is going well. The jump we got on the rest of the fleet is paying off. With our second trip behind us we can't help but feel like we are in the home stretch but we also know the easy part is likely behind us. Feb & Mar are notorious for horrific weather and with the sea ice on the move I'm sure we are in for a battle. St. Paul is it's usual frozen landscape and the ice pack is forecasted to arrive in a matter of a couple of days.

It looks as though we will pile on our whole load of gear and steam north in search of fresh bottom. Much of the fleet is working west/southwest of St. Paul and will probably remain in that area due to ice movement. So, we will venture northwest and hopefully find ourselves alone. It won't be pleasant and it won't be easy but with any luck it will be quick.

The adventure continues.....The crew is well and the vessel is holding up well considering the constant abuse the old girl must endure.

Capt Monte "Wizard Mouse"


  1. Awesome news Monte. Hopin the rest of the season is plentiful and quick. Sendin a big hey hey to you and the rest of the guys. Be safe!!!

  2. Good to hear an update. I hope you guys have an easy rest of the season. Hope to see y'all at some point soon. God bless, give my love to all.

  3. Great news Monte, hoping all stays well and you haul in lots of bootie. Stay safe and be well. Colleen sends hugs & kisses to all 'her' Wizards.

  4. Good news to be sure. God bless, stay safe and LOTSA crabbies. Love and (((BIG HUGS))) to everyone!!
    Kim (otter)

  5. Great to hear the season is going so well for yall!
    Glad to hear the crew is all well!
    Yall stay safe out there , update us when ya can!