Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy return....


Well, we made it back to Dutch and although it was only three weeks it seemed much longer than that. It's tough to pop a big trip, jam to St. Paul, bang out an offload in 40 hours then boogie back out and do it again. It's no small task fillin' the old girl up, and in the past we couldn't do it in 10-12 days, let alone a week! Are we on a roll, or what?!

Three full loads in five weeks and back to Dutch Harbor in time for the Super Bowl. Really didn't think we'd catch the game, but glad we will considering it being historical for the Saints and all.

Haven't yet seen any ice floating around, but it lurks to be sure. If there was ever a way to put an end to a good roll that stuff would certainly be involved. We need to get back out to the gear, but first a little "party time". My "paws" are giving me grief, and I am not alone on that one.

Go Saints!

Capt Monte "the Wizard Mouse"


  1. Glad ya got to enjoy some down time. Stay safe out there. We miss you guys in Florida :)

  2. Glad u made it to Dutch for the game, glad you all got to see the Saints win. PLEASE stay safe out there. We miss ya' and hugs to all!

  3. Glad y'all are back safely. Ah the Super Bowl...killed me to see the Colts lose. Still, I'm glad for the Saints. Enjoy the downtime. Hi to all!


  4. Hi Mouse! Glad yall were able to catch the SuperBowl!
    Did my heart good to see the saints Win! yeah!
    Hope yall enjoyed yourselves! :)

    Sorry to hear your paws are hurting though!
    Are yall able to use those hand warmers that hunters use to put down in their gloves to help with the cold?
    Take care and stay safe!

  5. I was dancing all over my friend's living room when the Saints won! I lived outside of New Orleans for 4 years back when the Saint's were the 'aints! I was thrilled to see them stomp the colts!
    Take care!