Thursday, January 28, 2010


With the second trip in the tank, we headed to St. Paul Island. It went well enough but it took a couple more days than the first trip, mostly because we had to round up the gear and fished in a different region. Any designs for a mild and or warm winter were carried away with the Northeasterly winds of 35 to 40 knots.
The problem with a northerly wind direction, is it comes across the ice pack that we all loath. Air temps plunge with the first puff of a north wind, and it took only a matter of hours for it to go from 38 degrees to 4 ouch!! To compound the problem, as the sea ice moves south the conditions only get worse and of course the boat slowly but surely turns into a ice cube. This last trip at times we were working on a 90 foot skating rink and to say that saps your strength is a understatement. My brother did a good job of keeping the icing to a manageable level, and we didn't have to spend to much time "busting" ice as the weather thankfully went Southerly and therefore it tends to melt. The offload is going well and hope to make it back to Dutch Harbor for the Superbowl, GO SAINT"S Capt. Monte "Wizard Mouse"


  1. Hey hey Capt Monte! You are doin a most excellant job on keepin us updated with your progress! Thank you very much kind Sir! Go Saints indeed! Temp is 4 degrees?? Holy crabcicle, you are warmer up there than us down here in Wisc! Hope you don't have too many probs with the icing of Wiz.....continued good juju coming your way for a safe and prosperous season. Take care and gets some warm coffee in ya, hey? Hello to all the Crew and Capt Keith.

  2. happened again! Hey Capt Monte...I have noticed that comments started have been overlappin your blog theer a way you can fix that from your end? No matter who posts comments always seems to overlap your blog statements. Anyways, Goooooo Saints!!!!

  3. Oh...and 4 dgrees up there is alot warmer than it's been down here lately....suppose to be a high of -2 tomorrow! Go get some coffee and stay warm now. Tell the Crew howdy for us....oh, and your Bro too! Take care and be safe.....sending ya all Prayers and good juju for a great season!

  4. Stay safe and warm. Hope ya make another trip to Sunny Florida again soon :)

  5. Stay safe Capt. We miss ya.
    big warm hugs from florida
    xoxox Velvet