Sunday, January 3, 2010

December 29, 2009

Hello. We are in Dutch Harbor and the weather is relatively warm (40*) and raining. The only news since we left involves the big Sea Land crane, which is used to move containers onto and off of cargo ships. Apparently this big, 20 million dollar crane, was blown over by a hurricane that hit the Island the first week of December. Thank goodness we were long gone by then!

We are getting a good jump on this year's Opilio season over the rest of the fleet. So far we are the only crew in town and we are ready to get out there and catch some crab. Hopefully this first trip will be over quickly which might allow us to get back "home" earlier in the spring. We shall see...

Happy New Year to all!

Capt. Monte "Mouse"


  1. Full pots and a safe journey!!!!!!!!!

  2. Fair winds, following seas, and full pots of clean, HUGE opies to ya'll! Be safe! ((BIG HUGS)) to the whole crew!


  3. stay safe Capt. Hope to see you and Catherine in April when Heather and I head back to Seattle.

    big hugs