Sunday, November 8, 2009

On the way out....

Steaming along under a cloak of grey, we approach our destination of choice. Northerly winds, though mild, carry a constant reminder of the upcoming winter.

Our primary task while on the way out is to ready the bait for the large loads of gear we will set. Perforated two quart plastic bait jars are filled with chopped herring. Herring resembles a medium sized trout which is ground into dime sized chunks. Along with Herring is "hanging" bait which is typically cod served whole. An average cod fish weighs 8 to 10 pounds and we like to use two or three per pot. With those numbers in mind it's safe to say a boat will go through thousands of pounds of bait every day. Wonder where does it all comes from? At the start of the season we are allowed to fish 10 cod pots, (which are crab pots installed with plastic fingers to retain the fish) in order to catch our bait. When hauling the gear it's a full time job for one crewman as they are coming aboard at about 18 to 20 an hour.

Thanks for hanging in with me as it has proven difficult to send updates from sea. Capt. Monte


  1. Monte:
    It is great to hear from you! Glad things have gone well, and I hope you will be home soon for Thanksgiving festivities.
    AKA:"Oh YOU"

  2. Monte...keep up the blogging...I love it! Hope ya get to come home soon.

  3. Monte
    Please keep up the blogging! Enjoy "hearing" from you. Sounds like all went well, happy to hear it.
    Happy Holidays, and thanks again!